Enjoying Cassava in Blengep Cotot

"Aku suka singkong, kau suka keju," Aku Anak Singkong, Arie Wibowo.
Cassava is often considered a lower class, plebeian and provincial. Cassava entity represents a world away from the modern. Existence marginalized by fast food now inhabit kiosks scattered five feet. Foodstuffs this kind of tubers, as of this writing, has not been raised in rank. In fact we are so familiar with the song ever sung Son of Cassava by the Bill & Brod, who insists on the two sides, the top and bottom.

But I do not really thinking about the stigma of a provincial, not modern and the hick, when I consume cassava tasty on the tongue and fullness in the abdomen. Especially in the area of ​​Indramayu lot of traditional snacks made from processed cassava, one of them is blengep cotot.

Blengep cotot Indramayu is a typical food made from processed cassava with liquid javanese sugar in the contain in the middle. Its uniqueness lies in cassava and sweet savory flavor that only emerged after these snacks being bitten. Etymology of 'blengep cotot' itself comes from Indramayu language, they are bleng, lep and cotot. Bleng means the plucks and the comestible enter into the mouth, then lep means the food has entered the mouth, while cotot is a word that represents the release of sugar from processed cassava. These three words are then united to form a new phrase, blengep cotot.

Blengep cotot really typical of Indramayu food, because it does not seem to be found in other regions --CMIIW. In Indramayu, sales were limited in blengep cotot shroff market, a market which is situated at the crossing of Celeng toward Indramayu city. Even the time of sale was limited to once, just from before dawn until 8 o'clock in the morning.

At first I often wonder, why blengep cotot so limited, both in terms of point of sale until the time of sale. Until a manufacturer blengep cotot in the Village area Lohbener (Celeng village) explain.

"Blengep made from cassava. To manage it we can only do it manually. Because if it was boiled cassava grinding it with the machine, it feels different, it will not delicious as the time." said Sunadi, a blengep cotot maker.

Sunadi added, that blengep cotot could not be durable. Because the raw materials and manufacturing process are unique cotot blengep. For that he found it difficult to market their homemade blengep cotot to more distant areas. In the meantime, the technology that is safe and welcoming to preserve traditional snacks blengep as other undiscovered.

Therefore, for the curious with blengep cotot, you must be willing to come early and enjoy it to the Market shroff tersebut.Ingat shortly after the purchase, do not be lodged this comestible up overnight. Blengep cotot really not durable.

Little sacrifice will be redeemed with pleasure popular snacks in Indramayu. The sellers also often provide bonuses in the form of a sprinkling of fried onions and grated coconut races will add savory processed cassava. Want to try it? Come alone yes, because these snacks really can not be delivery order.

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